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Rules for sweepstakes and contests on brandoo

  • On brandoo all persons are eligible who have reached the age of 18 and have registered properly with correct information, such as your email address, adress, age etc., on the webpage / in the App of brandoo. Employees and entities of brandoo as well as their family members are excluded from the participation. The participation is free, there is no obligation to buy.
  • Winners will be selected by brand technologies ag at random and informed in person via email or phone.
  • Only those participants will be considered who have completely filled in their profile information.
  • The sweepstakes / contests are advertised by brand technologies ag on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. However, these sites have nothing to do with the sweepstakes and have no responsibility as a contact.
  • There is No correspondence regarding the sweepstakes / contests. The legal and cash payments of profits are excluded. The price is exclusively given to the winner of the contest and will not be paid in cash. Possible charges which are in connection with the price (i.e. travel expenses, transfers, etc.), are at the winners charge. Legal and defects of the product are excluded.
  • Apple is not involved in any way with the contests / sweepstakes of brandoo (brand technologies ag).
  • Apple is not sponsor of any contests / sweepstakes of brandoo (brand technologies ag).
  • If a winner lacks the proper information which cannot be obtained during the registration, they shall not be entitled to the prize.
  • With the participation in the sweepstakes / contests winners accept, that brandoo / brand technologies ag can use their personal data for marketing activities and that they can be mentioned by name and picture in print media, online and / or on television.
  • The data of the participants will be kept confidential. brandoo will use and process the data electronically according to the Swiss data protection laws. The guidelines for the use of personal data are always adhered according to the Swiss data protection laws.
  • With participation, the participant accepts the above mentioned conditions.