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“brandoo”, it’s the story of searching for and finding love. The love of brands and products that make our users’ dreams come true. Here our users search for and find their daily inspiration for realizing their lifestyle. They discover trends. And set them too with their good taste and with the help of their favorite brands and stores.

But it’s boring just to look. Dreams should be fulfilled. And that’s where you come in. And your store. When a user falls in love with a product, they have just one question: Where can I get that? And the answer could be: from you!

Build a profile on “brandoo”. For your online store and your shop.

Link to your website and social media channels. Increase traffic and your digital reach considerably. Show our users what brands you offer. Your store will be linked to these brands. Customers who are interested in these brands or products are shown the way to your store on Google Maps.

‘Premium stores’ are listed first. If you have a premium profile, our editors regularly give you news about the brands and products in your range. And then your sellers do the rest.

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