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What does “brandoo” offer? What can you do on “brandoo”?

“brandoo”, the brand news platform, sends all the news about your favorite brands to your smartphone. “brandoo” knows your tastes and offers you a world of top brands in the areas of watches, motion, fashion, travel, living, food, beauty, art&culture, technology and jewelry.

“brandoo” is a unique and new form of lifestyle adventure, which brings users and brands into a dynamic relationship. As a user, you receive the latest official product news from your chosen brands. We also surprise you with news from brands you don’t know yet, but which suit your style.

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What are interests?

The “brandoo” world is divided into 10 lifestyle areas. We call these areas ‘interests’.
You can refine every interest with subcategories. This helps us give you a feed that is as exciting and tailored to your interests as possible. You should choose at least two interests.

What are the subcategories for?

Every interest is divided by “brandoo” into various subcategories. The subcategories allow us to define your interest in a particular lifestyle area better and to give you more suitable posts in your personal feed. For example, the category ‘Motion’ is divided into the following subcategories:

What are Member Clubs?

Every brand registered on “brandoo” has a Member Club. Member Clubs give users specific privileges such as exclusive competitions, news or special offers. By clicking on the Member Club button in the profile of your favorite brand, you can send a request to the brand to be accepted into the Member Club. However, only a handful of users are selected by each brand. Criteria for acceptance into a Member Club are a persuasive message and owning products from the brand. Good luck!

Does it cost anything to use “brandoo”?

No, “brandoo” is absolutely free for its users.

No stores are shown near me. Why?

Your location sharing might be turned off. Look in the settings on your smartphone. “brandoo” only shows you stores of that brand in your country. There are also brands that don’t have stores in your country, so that’s why you might not be shown any stores.

How do I invite my friends?

On the menu you can find settings. There you’ll find the ‘invite friends’ link. You can invite your friends to our app via messenger, email, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Because it’s even more fun with friends!

Who can see all my favorite posts?

Your favorite posts are saved in your profile, which can only be viewed by you. So no one else can see your saved posts.

How can I report a problem?

On the menu you can find settings. There you’ll find the ‘report a problem’ link. We always appreciate feedback and try our best to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

How can I make suggestions for improvements?

On the menu you can find settings. There you’ll find the ‘report a problem’ link. Use the ‘Suggestions for improvements’ button to tell us your wishes. We appreciate your suggestions and who knows, perhaps your wish will come true soon.

Can people see which posts I like?

No, you can only see how many likes a post has overall.

Can I share posts?

Spread the love! It’s fine to share of course. Under every post you’ll find a button with three small dots. That allows you to share individual posts with your friends via messenger, email, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.